Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

Spending time with the Family last weekend in North Carolina was really cool. Especially for a thin-blooded water rat like me. Living an hour south of Miami for the last year and a half has made me a bonfide wuss for cold weather, and as usual I came home from Elkin with my customary cold or flu. Whatever it is, my snot muscle's been working overtime the last few days. Which has given me some time to finish a Travis McGee book and start up on "Sick Puppy". If I could find a way to generate some income from sitting on my ass reading adventure novels like these I'd quit my day job in a minute. Yeah right.

Anyway, when I was in Elkin I got a few good snaps of some of the crew. Young master Roan took this one of me at Elkin Falls. The kid's got an artistic eye at 4 years old. I got a few good ones of everyone but Debbie, dagnabbit. She seemed to be just a little quicker about getting out of the line of fire that I expected. Claire, of course, was extremely eager to get her picture taken, and she is such a happy little imp.

Anyway...more to come later. I've gotta go refill my nyquil drip.

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