Friday, March 28, 2014

Sailing south!

Hey Friends....time to cast off the dock lines and sail south! Zeke and Bro Pat will fly into FLL tomorrow and we'll drive up to Merritt Island, provision the boat, and hopefully be out through the lock at Port Canaveral by shortly after noon on Sunday. The plan is to sail south to about West Palm, cross over the West End, and spend a day there. After that, weather permitting, we'll sail south to Bimini, check out Alice Town, and then head for the Keys. I wasn't able to get slip space lined up here in Fort Lauderdale - long story, and no, I don't really want to talk about it - but I was able to get a slip in the same marina in Key Largo where I kept Moon years ago. I'll be happy to be able to spend time in the keys again.......

So, hears the projected route. Will try to post some pics along the way.

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CygnusIII said...

Looks like an exciting sail.
Stay safe, enjoy the time at sea and put some photos of it on the blog so we can all be jealous.
Good sailing my friend.