Saturday, April 07, 2007


Today was another in a string of just achingly beautiful days here, friends. Wish you were here to experience this. Cool morning, bright blue sky, and the air just absolutely transparent. Everything had an almost too colorful glow in that early morning sun. I assed around the house for a while enjoying the morning before heading off to work, and the lure of the water as I crossed the bridge was just too powerful to resist. I did a quick run-through at the jobsite to make sure there weren't any disasters brewing, checked e-mail, shuffled piles of paper from my desk onto other people's desks, and high-tailed it back to my little island paradise.

A day on the boat is good and powerful medicine even on a gloomy weather day, but on a day like today the natural beauty of the bay and the peace and quiet are almost disorienting. There was a gentle breeze coming out of the northwest today, so Reprieve was facing out into Florida Bay, and sitting on the foredeck I enjoyed a couple of bloody marys and gazed out at squadrons of pelicans ghosting just inches off the surface against a backdrop of about three miles of placid water. Four hours passed before I knew it, and for the life of me I can't recall if I fell a sleep or just spaced out on the view and the gentle bobbing of the boat on the incoming swell. I'm pretty sure a man could get used to that feeling, though, awake or not.....

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